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A Quilting Journey and Birthday Surprise

I have joined  a Quilting block round robin, it’s international so my block will travel all around the world to 20 different people, they will make a block similar to mine, from their scraps, and I in turn will make a block for them, following their instructions. I’m so excited about this as we are also including a journal for the maker to tell a little about themselves. Being a scrapbooker in a past life, i’m so excited to be combining these two things. My block inspiration came from Melly & Me Scrappy Cabin Tutorial only I made mine a bit bigger. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful blocks and journals.

When I came home from the shops at lunchtime, there was a lovely package waiting for me, a Birthday present from my Mum & Dad, gorgeous new PJ’S and a beautiful pile of scraps from Mum’s stash, for my hexagon charm quilt.

I rang them to say thanks and Dad said he will never understand why we get so excited about scraps. Mind you, he has just gotten into Lapidary and has a whole garage full of ROCKS!, that I don’t get.

So now I am going to create a Journal for the swap group, not sure what i’m going to do yet????


What i’m up to these days


I am a bit obsessed with tiny hexagons at the moment, I’m making a 1″ hexagon charm quilt, my inspiration came from Texas Freckles.  I’m just about through my stash, cutting 2.5″ squares, so i’ve set up a Flickr Group to start swapping. If you would like to join in, go right ahead, or if you know of any other swaps going, please let me know.


More Fabric


Lots of yummy turquoise and red fabric to make dolly clothes or maybe a bag…..

A gift from Mummy, a new bag and a new WIP.


This amazing little bag was a christmas gift from my Mum, with all those cool things inside. We had a bit of a laugh as my husband wondered why i needed “Udder Cream”. He obviously never had greasy hands while hand sewing!


This was a very easy bag to make, took an afternoon, even with the quilting on the pockets. The pattern is from Leanne’s House, which is my new obsession. (More on THAT later)


My Latest WIP

Every now and then, I find someone to become obessed over, this time it is Leanne Beasly of Leanne’s House. Over the last few days I have ordered her Butterfly Garden BOM from Honeysuckle Cottage, made her Maries Roses bag, see above, and started the 365 Quilt Challenge



I made the little bag to keep all the bits in after seeing another clever crafter make one ( I cannot find the link, so will search for it).    I want to add lots of links to other peoples 365 quilt, for lots of yummy inspiration. Of course, i will post my photos as soon as I have a few done.  I didn’t follow the rules strictly, as i’m well renowned for, and have cut my blocks 4.5 square, don’t know why, it just seemed easier, and i’m going to add little embellished not square blocks to break up the rows. I’m really excited about this one, as it will be an easy project to carry around and take on hols.

I think that’s all for now, so much for not knowing where to start!

Take care and may your bobbin always be full, Kerry.


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